Saturday, June 13, 2015

Team concept - An insight

One day I was just walking in the Mall close to my house just to relax after a hard day work.

This Mall had newly opened and I had not seen it before.
As I went in I saw 80% of the shops were functional but there was hardly any customers.

I started talking to a young shopkeeper.
He was running a gift shop.

After few minutes of chat, I found that he was not breaking even with this shop but he was very optimistic and said that the sales will pick up. It is less right now because the Mall has just started.

I asked him what he did before opening this shop?
He said that he has an online business.

I was impressed and wanted to know more.
Do you know what I found?

He was not computer literate. Now that's surprising.
He was selling some stuff online which he did not even manufacture.

He had been doing it for four years and was making a profit of almost $1000 and above on monthly basis.

My curiosity increased.
How can a man who is not even computer literate make so much of online profit? How does he track orders?

Well! His friend was computer literate and was a business affiliate with one of the top online shopping site. The company was paying him affiliate commissions on all the business he was generating. He was a link between sellers and the company doing all the computer work, tracking orders, getting the orders dispatched in time, managing accounts of his associates etc etc.

What a wonderful teamwork concept I thought.

You don't have to be expert in every field when you work as a team.

You work on the strengths of your team members and not their weaknesses.

Building a good team always pays.

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